What is Ketamine Therapy?

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Known for its unique ability to help individuals deemed “unresponsive” to traditional psychiatric treatment, Ketamine therapy is often referred to as the “breakthrough” drug that allowed treatment-resistant patients to finally see significant improvement in managing their depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, and PTSD. 

What makes Ketamine therapy so successful?

Unlike other treatment protocols, Ketamine infusions target glutamate, the brain’s most common neurotransmitter, and the one responsible for helping the mind understand experiences connected to learning and memory. Ketamine helps “jumpstart” neurons in the cerebral cortex, allowing the neurons to communicate more efficiently, and leading to mood stabilization in patients experiencing severe mental health symptoms.

Unlike traditional antidepressants, which can take weeks to improve mood and brain function, Ketamine infusions can alleviate symptoms within a few hours, with the results lasting weeks or sometimes months. For many, this the breakthrough necessary to finally overcoming years of battling addiction, major depressive episodes, severe anxiety, suicidal ideation, or PTSD. 

While initially approved in the 1960’s as an anesthetic commonly used by military medics, Ketamine’s potential use in treating mood disorders has interested physicians for over 20 years. And despite its reputation as a potentially dangerous “club drug”, when used under the careful observation of a doctor, Ketamine is a safe, causes minimal side-effects in most patients, and experiences a low risk of addiction when administered in a controlled environment.

How Ketamine Therapy Works?

Several of our patients describe their experience with Ketamine infusions as transformative, allowing them to experience feelings of relief and joy after years of suffering. Many credit their positive experience to our innovative six treatment regimen, which allows patients to gradually increase their dosage for maximum impact over time. Their experiences also mirror statements from the broader medical community. In a statement to WebMD, Dr. John Abenstein, president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, stated that “Outside of the clinic, ketamine can cause tragedies, but in the right hands, it is a miracle.” 

Other doctors echo this sentiment as well: Dr. Prakash Masand, a professor at the Academic Medicine Education Institute, Duke-NUS and CEO of Centers for Psychiatric Excellence states that because “no good current strategies are available for these non-responders” scientists and doctors have an obligation to study non-traditional approaches to treating potentially debilitating mood disorders. 

In an interview with Psychiatry Advisor, Masand states that Ketamine “is accumulating an evidence base as being rapidly effective or an array of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder and PTSD,” further indicating that Ketamine may be the key to long-term relief for patients otherwise unable to manage the life-threatening effects of mental illness.

Why Ketamine Is Such a Promising Therapy

Ketamine infusions don’t just treat the symptoms associated with mood disorders, these life-saving treatments actually treat the disease, allowing the brain regain normal functioning, and dramatically improving a patient’s quality of life. At Ketamine SLC, we are committed to providing everyone with access to this important treatment in a safe and effective environment, assisted by the very best medical professionals. Contact us today for a consult to see if Ketamine is the right solution for you. 

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