Ketamine For OCD

How Does Ketamine Treat OCD?

Ketamine has been a very successful modern treatment to combat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and its side-effects. Chemically it works differently than anti-anxiety medications of the past and the results are staggering. Patients have reported that they feel a loss of compulsion within a single treatment. In a study at Stanford University one patient quoted, “I tried to have OCD thoughts, but I couldn’t.” The results are incredible, and the rapid effectiveness is revolutionary for people afflicted with this condition. If OCD is an issue in your life come in to Ketamine SLC for a free consultation.

Treatment Details

At Ketamine SLC we do things different than our competitors. Our objective is to provide the most affordable Ketamine therapy cost in the country. We do this by going from six treatments every three months at $300 per treatment to, ideally, 1 treatment every 3 months. Starting our patients off with a six treatment regimen and increasing dosage, we are able to convert Ketamine from a medicine to a friend. Once an individual has developed a relationship with Ketamine, we are able to provide treatments as infrequently as every three months and only charge $300. Most Ketamine therapy providers will continue patients on a six treatment regimen charging a wide range of fees that can easily exceed $4,500 every three months. We are in this business to help as many people as possible and much of the population cannot afford $1,500 per month.