Top Five Stressors that Cause Anxiety


Anxiety in Life

Everyone has stress in life and it’s a necessary human emotion. But often the pain becomes too much to continue daily activities and seeking help from others is a crucial step in the recovery process. Ketamine SLC is using revolutionary medical practices to help people with a myriad of issues stemming from the stress that builds to an unhealthy level. Here are 5 major stressors that affect the bulk of the population, often unavoidable. 

Loss of a Loved One:

The loss of a family member or any important person is one of the most painful and stressful events we all must go through. Many people struggle with letting go and moving forward after a mourning period. Whether it’s an accident or a natural occurrence, people deal with death in different ways, some healthy and others not. Feelings of abandonment and loss are completely normal. One should give themselves the time they need to reconcile with the pain. There are many ways to heal and if the pain becomes to great it is okay to seek help. 


People enjoy their personal space and when living situations are compromised, often major stress and anxiety is the fall out. Whether it be a financial burden or simply the uncertainty of where to go next, it’s a common issue for the modern human. Children are also greatly affected by changing homes and enrolling in new schools. The thought of having to recreate a life in a new place is heavy on a young mind. Keeping family close and being open to new experiences is a great place to start dealing with this anxiety. 


Divorce rates are nearly 50% in the US for first time marriages and the complexity of splitting a family in two is hectic to say the least. It’s not uncommon for other life stressors to be the beginning of a failing marriage. Parenting disputes, adultery, financial issues all lead to an unhealthy environment for both parties. When compromise can’t be made and divorce is the final option, many other stressful problems arise. Therapy in any form is a great place to turn if the load is too much to endure. 

Health Problems:

These nagging problems catch up to everyone at one time or another. Major illness takes a toll on the patient and their families. Not to mention the stress of medical bills piling up, especially if working is out of the question. Serious accidents are also a problem hard to avoid and even more difficult to deal with. Loss of mobility will greatly reduce the ability to continue normal life. The first step to healing is taking care of the medical recovery, but emotional stress will follow and should also be addressed. 

Loss of Employment:

Being an adult is difficult at times and the problem is only intensified by the need to provide for a family. When the main source of income is compromised, feelings of fear and self-doubt often follow. Most individuals will have to relocate to another place of employment, but that doesn’t make the change any less stressful. If uncertainty of the future is nagging, it might be a good time to seek treatment, it’s normal to feel stress and healthy to seek help. 

While one can’t control many of these events, it should be an ongoing process to manage the stress of life. Family and friends are a great resource, as well as medical professionals. Ketamine SLC is a clinic devoted to helping individuals overcome many of the anxiety disorders caused by stressful events. Check out the treatment page for details on the benefits of Ketamine therapy. 

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