How Lifestyle Routines Aid Mental Health


Mental health is a large topic of discussion today and finding natural ways to combat depression is becoming increasingly popular, for good reason. There are things you can do every day to increase your quality of life. While individual actions are steps to recovery, the structure in which they are implemented is a road map to improvement. In the end, trying to integrate healthy and productive habits is the first step to creating a system for life to build upon. Here are some steps to visualize where you would like to be and some simple techniques to get there.

Write It Down

Whether it’s pen to paper or a note in your phone, writing out goals will begin your path to finding the routine that suits your needs. These goals may be things such as:

  • Career Goals
  • Health Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Travel and Experiences

Once these goals are defined, creating a framework to see them through makes it much more attainable. Without the vision, there is no clear path. Recognizing what you need and what you want is the starting line. Therefore, if you feel your life is in disarray, begin by creating a list to visualize your goals.

Self-Care Habits

These may seem like the simplest of all habits, but depression can make even routine maintenance an annoying task. Instead, do what your mother taught you. Keep a clean house, body, and mind. Self-help coaches praise that a shower and nice outfit can change mind states into productivity mode.

Sleep Routine

The modern world is a busy place and finding time to get some shut-eye can be difficult. People who suffer from anxiety have poor sleep patterns. Resulting in inconsistency in energy levels, and derailing routines. Finding the optimal time for sleep might depend on seasons and responsibility. But trying to maximize your time to recover will assist in waking life.


Cooking and sharing a meal, is visceral, as well as a bonding experience between your body and those you eat with. By choosing healthy options and cooking in your home you build physical and social connections. This is a way to be and feel productive while doing something necessary to living, why not make it delicious and fun.  


Many of us today are behind desks, exercising our brains more than our bodies. While both are important, making sure blood flow is releasing endorphins in our brain can be a game-changer. It may seem like a chore at times but there are enjoyable options when it comes to physical activity. Try something outdoors, not only will you benefit from an elevated heart rate, but you’ll be soaking in Vitamin-D at the same time. The calming qualities of nature have also been proven to decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

Contact Us

It may seem simple to manage these daily tasks, but often people with depression find it difficult. Proper planning and a goal-oriented mindset will help you get there. If these techniques don’t seem to be enough and you are looking to find medical treatment, contact Ketamine SLC for a free consultation. Ketamine therapy might be the springboard to get life into a productive routine.  Call 385-474-6946 for more information and schedule a free consultation

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