About Us

Ketamine SLC is Like No Other Ketamine Clinic.

Ketamine SLC is not your typical stainless steel doctors office. We provide a comfortable environment for our patients throughout the treatment process. Luvsacks, Persian carpets and mood lights help define our office. Did we mention that we have a beautiful Big Cottonwood Creek tributary view? Psychedeliadalia does not lend itself to the ambiance of hospitals, ERs, or supermarkets. Typically psychedelic experiences are best suited for a natural environment and, we do our best to create that environment within our office.

Our Take On Ketamine Therapy

“I am not here for buy low sell high capitalism; my price is low for two reasons”

-Dr. Robert C. Hiemstra, MD

Reason 1.

To get people out of the depression hole who could not normally afford it.

Reason 2.

To bring down the price of Ketamine across the country so that it is less burdensome on those that can afford it.

Meet Dr. Hiemstra

Dr. Robert C. Hiemstra, MD

When we asked Dr. Hiemstra for his story...

I played baseball in Denver until 15, then the coasts of California with its creatures and its geology and its extreme people and its surf. 

I chose medical school over marine biology and fulfilled a function in medicine as an emergency room physician for 40 years. That was exciting medicine, as it was trying medicine, with hundreds of diseases and drugs that I was responsible for; so different from this world of ketamine, a medical world with effectively only one critical drug. 

In emergency medicine I saw thousands of severely depressed patients pass through my emergency room and not one of them changed significantly while they were under my careAfter their screening exam, “Should they stay or should they go?” was my only concern. 

In my three years of administering ketamine for this scourge of scourges that is depression, I have seen extremes of changes in the disease, and extremes of numbers of patients rejoicing in those numbers, that no one before in the history of mankind has seen without their holding in their hand an empty bottle of ketamine. 

It’s that simple. 

I love this job.  


Meet the Dogs

Here at Ketamine SLC we have two rescue dogs that we’ve taken in. They love our patients and our patients love them.



Tank was a rescue dog that helped to save my daughter when she was having a rough spell with one of the bad attractions that kids get into these days. He was a number two dog in a family that kept him in a closet; he and my daughter fell in love. A big part of her now being a student at the U, came from him.  

A gentleman and a stylist, Tank will respect your food on a plate put beside him, and then grab a thrown stick with showman’s twist and snap. He’s ferocious toward any thrown thing. 

And he loves Amelie. 


  • The Bell of the Ball. 
  • LA Cheerleader. 
  • Hairy Princess. 
  • All things Goldendoodle. 

She won’t fetch, of course, but she will cuddle and bark at things including dogs on screens and sometimes things imaginary when she needs attention. From that, I consider her to be presidential material.